Faith Community Baptist Church
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  1. Sunday

  2.     Sunday School         10:00 AM

  3.     Worship Service       11:00 AM

  4.     Evening Service         6:00 PM

  5. Wednesday Night        

  6.     Adult Bible Study        6:30 PM

  7.     Children’s Program    6:30 PM

  8.     Youth Program           6:30 PM

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“Faith is the substance of Things Hoped For, the evidence of things not seen”  Hebrews 11:1

Faith Community Baptist Church - 5265 FM 3098 - Maud Texas 75567 - 903-671-2373

Our focus is to be a community on the move, and to make faith an active part of our church family and our community.

March 6th and 7th 2010 -  Youth led revival. FANTASTIC.

147 in Attendance - many decisions made by our area youth during this three service event including Salvation and Re-dedications to the Lord.  The Youth left with a Theme.  No way!  We are not ashamed of the Gospel or His Name.   Youth on the Move !!!

March 14th -  Christian Motorcyclists Association Presentation

100 in Attendance - Thanks the CMA and our Local Members who are part of the Victory Riders Chapter.   Continue to pray for our members who are part of this fellowship and ministry.  It was great to learn how CMA reaches out to the Biker Community.  Click Here for Photo Gallery

August 29th 2010 - DANGER!  God at Work.  133 in service -  72 in Our Sunday School.  Come join in the Fellowship. God is Good.  Faith is on the Move.  Are you ??

August 28th 2010 -  Back to School - Youth Led Rally.  BREAK FREE.

Over 120 in Attendance - 5 Professions of Faith and over 20 re-dedications.  Break the Chains.   Break Free.  Break Thru.

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Sunday Morning - 108 in service -  67 in Our Sunday School.  Brother Augustine’s message about Hope and Faith.   Have you fallen?  Yes we have all Fallen.   But we must Get Back Up.   Life is a daily struggle.  Don’t be discouraged. Don’t give up.  Ever..  Get Back Up.   It Matters how you FINISH. You think you’ve got it bad???   Watch the following video about Nick’s Journey  “Life without Limbs”

Find out more about Nick Vujicic here

Made on a Mac

September 2011 - Church calls Augustine Alaniz as Interim Pastor.  Join Augustine in his one of a kind ministry as he reaches out to our Church and Community.

Faith is on the Move.. Again.   Brand New College & Career,  Young Couples and Young Mixed Adult sunday school classes have started.  Come find a place for you and your family.


Video “What’s in a Name” - Created by Clay English

Faith is on the Move!!   Sunday Morning services averaging well above 125 in August as Pastor Augustine Alaniz continues to lead our congregation.

September 15 2012.  Good Stuff Give Away.  Free Clothes, Shoes and household items.  8:00 AM to 2:00 PM.   

February 2013 - Faith is on the Move!  Average attendance above 130.  Come see how God is moving at Faith.